Aerospace & Defence

PLM for the Aerospace and Defence Industry

The development of new products that have to perform better than ever before means that the aerospace and defence industry needs to make better use of new technologies – and to do this, new materials and manufacturing processes are required. At the same time, governments are improving their infrastructure and security systems to accommodate new aircraft and the technology that manages them.

The key to achieving these changes is innovation, collaboration and integrated programme management across the industry lifecycle, including your supply chain. TEAM Engineering and Siemens PLM helps enable this.

Aerospace & Defence Agencies

Understanding how technology is changing helps us make better decisions. This is an essential element of programme management, and maintaining relationships between defence agencies and their technology partners is key to achieving this.

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Aircraft & Airframes

It’s a challenging time for aircraft and airframe manufacturers due budget constraints, shorter program schedules and the use of composites but using Siemens PLM software can help address some of these challenges.

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Aircraft Engines

Engine components are becoming lighter and performing better than ever before due to the use of composites.

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Avionics & Defense Electronics

At TEAM Engineering, we are able to deliver the competitive software products that manufacturers and operators need to stay ahead in the aerospace industry.

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Space Systems

When it comes to space systems, TEAM Engineering can deliver better-integrated software solutions that can help the manufacturers meet the challenges of producing low-weight spacecraft, whilst adhering to tight launch deadlines.

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What our customers say...

"If you do not keep in step with the latest software developments you’ll get left behind. TEAM Engineering enabled us to make the financial transition and that created the momentum for our subsequent growth."

Andrew Steedman, Technical Manager, East Kilbride Engineering Services

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