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NX10 - The all new engineering experience

Improve efficiency and reduce design time with more powerful tools in NX10. This latest NX release includes new and enhanced capabilities for feature modeling, sheet metal design, synchronous technology, freeform modeling, validation checking and drafting. Streamlined CAD workflows and an enhanced user experience improve productivity, minimize input, and reduce the effort required to accomplish design tasks.


NX Modeling

To fit your design challenge…

Create and edit geometry with greater speed. NX lets you unite feature-based parametric and history-free modeling in the same design environment, and easily modify designs created in other CAD systems without re-creating data.

  • Create 2D and 3D wireframe models, swept and revolved bodies, and perform Boolean operations and associative editing
  • Freely choose between parametric feature-based modeling and the freedom of history-free modeling with synchronous technology
  • Use feature-based modeling tools to create and edit standard design features such as holes, slots and pockets.
  • Use any combination of wire frame, surface, solid and direct modeling to model
  • Interactively capture and store families of features for easy retrieval and editing


NX Synchronous Tech

Improve productivity & process…

This breakthrough technology helps you capture ideas faster, make design changes more rapidly, and re-use data from other CAD systems without remodeling.

  • Create and edit geometry with simple, direct pull/push tools for editing and creation
  • Work directly with design models, without having to understand the design methodology
  • Apply and preserve design intent at the time of change
  • Reduce trial and error and improve productivity with real-time feedback
  • Automatically find and maintain collections of faces representing functional features for faster design
  • Create and modify complex prismatic and freeform geometry with exceptional speed


NX Freeform Modeling

Improves design of engineered shapes…

For freeform modeling, NX 8.5 streamlines automotive class A surface creation, improves design of engineered shapes from point data, and automates curve and surface fitting to scanned or faceted geometry. New geometry analysis tools improve validation for better aesthetics.



NX Sheet Metal

Develop sheet metal components more efficiently…

Feature-based design tools for tabs, flanges and other typical sheet metal features help accelerate design in a sheet-metal specific workflow. Define forming tables and bend sequences, create flat patterns or re-bend component models with accurate material deformation properties. With sheet metal design tools, reduce modeling time for complex airframe components from days to hours.

  • Design faster with a focused sheet metal workflow and built-in design intent
  • Easily re-use design variables with customer-defined default values
  • Quick ‘model-bend’ relief and ripping with built-in intelligence
  • Drive sheet metal designs via material and tool selection
  • Readily conform to company or industry standards


NX Assemblies

Develop assemblies from the top down or from the bottom up…

Quickly navigate the assembly hierarchy to access models of any component or subassembly. With a ‘design in context’ approach, you can work on any component in the context of the assembly. Efficiently manage and manipulate complex product relationships, including configurations, options, and variants.

  • Interactively design massive assemblies of virtually unlimited size or complexity, with unparalleled capacity and performance
  • Create and validate full-context, multi-CAD digital mock-ups
  • Easily navigate large assemblies and establish an appropriate context for detailed work on sub-assemblies and components
  • Identify and resolve assembly design and process problems in the early stages of development – without physical prototyping



A comprehensive 3D annotation environment…

NX helps you capture and associate manufacturing requirements directly with the 3D model, and convey this information to downstream manufacturing applications faster and more clearly. Product and manufacturing information ensures that design intent is clearly communicated, removing the potential for interpretation errors, whilst accelerating the design-to-manufacturing processes.

  • Create standards-compliant annotations directly on the 3D model
  • Automatically complies with industry and international standards for annotation
  • Directly use dimensions, symbols and tolerances to accelerate drawing production, downstream analysis, and manufacturing
  • Maintain a single product definition and re-use 3D product and manufacturing information throughout the product lifecycle


NX Drafting

A comprehensive set of automated drafting tools…

NX streamlines and accelerates production and management of engineering and technical drawings. Seamless integration with other NX capabilities enables you to easily create and maintain standards-compliant engineering drawings.

  • Quickly create standards-compliant drawings with powerful view creation and projection options
  • Create fully associative symbols including centerlines, intersections, bolt circles, assembly drawing balloons and leaders, notes, labels, dimensions, ID symbols and GD&T symbols through the reference of design expressions and attributes
  • Easily create and customize drawing templates for drag-and-drop drawings creation
  • Leverage legacy 2D drawings and symbols, and workflows
  • Readily migrate from 2D drawings to 3D models


NX Reporting & Analytics

Instantly gather data and visualise its impact directly…

You can quickly understand issues, answer questions and make critical decisions with confidence.

  • Leverage NX and Teamcenter to visually and intuitively deliver the information you need to understand, collaborate, and make decisions
  • Navigate and process information simply and efficiently
  • Visually comprehend PLM data on product models with interactive navigation and information drill-down
  • Quickly answer questions about project status, design changes, team responsibilities, issues, problems, cost, suppliers and other attributes
  • Readily format your parts, component and assembly models to answer your inquiries, with colour coding, on-screen tagging and legends for fast visual assessment and interpretation

What our customers say...

'The increased speed of NX modeling with NX CAE & CFD means we can pursue more ideas in the same amount of time so we can select from a broader spectrum of ideas. With the aid of Siemens NX, Teamcenter PLM technology and the support of TEAM Engineering, Aqualisia will continue to break new ground.'

Phil Capon, Engineering Project Mgr. Aqualisa Products

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