NX Routing

Specialized NX environment for routed subsystems

Create higher-quality designs in less time.


NX Electrical Wiring

Fully integrated 3D electrical harness routing application…

You can efficiently design and route harnesses in complex assemblies. Built-in knowledge of electrical features and functions automate and accelerate design, routing, modification, analysis and manufacturing of wiring and harnesses.

  • Eliminate physical prototypes and rework – your harnesses fit correctly first time
  • Integrate with ECAD systems including connection and component lists from schematics and logical data
  • Bring together all electrical disciplines, including system design, logical design, PCB design, physical design, electrical analysis, manufacturing, installation, service documentation and service delivery
  • Automatically route wiring between components with length determination and accurate prediction of bundle diameters for interference checking and space allocation
  • Easily access managed libraries of connectors, devices and other support hardware


NX Mechanical Routing

Higher-quality designs in less time…

Process-specific design tools and component libraries for tubing, piping, conduit, and raceways help you develop designs much faster than with general-purpose CAD tools. Routed system models are fully associative to NX assemblies, so you can more easily accommodate design changes.

  • Quickly design, route and validate piping, tubing, conduit, and raceway sub-systems
  • Locate and select components from libraries faster, based on desired characteristics
  • Streamline interference checks, validate design rules, and visualise the routing pattern in 3D
  • Ensure that system logic is controlled with automatically maintained links between 2D logical diagrams and 3D subsystem models
  • Quickly apply logical design changes to the routed system
  • Automatically create Bills of Material and bend reports for sub-system manufacturing

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