NX Surfacing

NX10 - The all new advanced surfacing toolset

NX surfacing gives you the tools to model precise, highly engineered freeform shapes quickly and easily.


NX Mechanical Surfacing

Complete with modeling toolkit…

Highly engineer freeform shapes more quickly and easily. These powerful modeling tools give you greater speed, flexibility, and control, so you can create, edit, and evaluate surface designs to optimise them for quality, performance and manufacturability.

  • Efficiently model aero- and hydrodynamic forms, mold and tooling surfaces, turbine blades, fluid manifolds, mechanical cam actuation, etc
  • Capture and automate best practices for creating complex engineered shapes, using them as templates for other designs
  • Automatically create drawings and documentation


NX Styling

Create distinctive and innovative product designs…

You can balance aesthetics and ergonomics with performance, quality, cost, and manufacturability considerations. The powerful and flexible styling toolset enables you to explore shape and styling alternatives quickly and efficiently. NX supports the entire process, from concept through detail to design and production.

  • Develop concepts from sketches or dynamic sculpting tools
  • Quickly create organic geometry from curves, surfaces and solids, lofts, meshes, sweeps and other freeform design techniques
  • Continuously validate curve and surface continuity, sections, draft, gaps and flushness
  • Analyze shape quality: poles/knots, curvature, face analysis, highlight/reflection lines
  • Quickly visualise designs with real-time and photorealistic rendering, materials, decals, full-scene anti-aliasing, high dynamic range imaging, and image-based lighting
  • Integrate styling with engineering to accelerate development without data translation or re-work.


NX Reverse Engineering

A highly flexible approach to reverse engineering…

NX helps you reduce the time required to develop CAD models of physical objects. Whether you are creating Class A surfaces from clay models, creating implants or prosthetics from anatomical scans, or updating designs from existing products, NX streamlines the creation of high-quality CAD geometry from scanned data.

  • Easily import and clean up facet (polygon) data; snip, fill holes, decimate, sub-divide and smooth
  • Readily evaluate facet bodies for smoothness, curvature, draft
  • Directly use facet data for rapid prototyping, rendering, finite element analysis, and NC machining
  • Quickly model from facets by creating section curves, constructing 3D wireframes, fitting splines and surfaces
  • Use semi-automated tools to quickly construct a network of surfaces on facets
  • Compare CAD geometry to scanned data

What our customers say...

'The key for us is the freedom to explore new concepts, and NX allows ideas to flow. The coherent logic of the architecture and the consistent rationale behind it enable the user to check out possibilities with speed and ease. NX is a great liberator.'

Mark Dodd, Head of Group Research - KEF

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