Engineering Consultancy

Product and process-development assistance

TEAM Engineering provides mechanical engineering resource to assist with product and process development across multiple industries. We apply design and analysis techniques to conceptual design, plus assisting companies with incorporating computer-aided-engineering (CAE) and product data management into their business processes. We are specialists in the product engineering development with the use of Siemens PLM NX Design, CAE and Manufacturing technology.


Consultancy offering

  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Data Quality Analysis
  • Data Quality Validation
  • CAE Consultancy
  • BOM Management and Configuration
  • Project Management
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What our customers say...

'It was engineering - much more than science - that accomplished the Moon landing...and an engineer, not a scientist, was the first to set foot on another world.'

James Hansen 'First Man: the Life of Neil Armstrong', 2006

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